Manna Developments is a private development company leading the funding and development of the Lake Torrent project.  The Manna Developments team and its CEO, David Hendersen, are the original founders of the project, creating the vision and concept behind the project from the outset.

Manna Developments has over 30+ years experience of major civil and construction projects throughout the United Kingdom. For this project their vision, is to create a mixed use leisure and community destination, whilst providing a legacy that will encourage further growth of 2 and 4 wheel motorsport in Northern Ireland.

Mrk1 Consulting are the global leaders when it comes to track development and operations, venue commercialization and motorsport event management.

We have successfully operated circuits in Europe, the Middle East, Thailand, China, Russia and India as well as consulted on numerous other projects around the world.

Mrk1 Consulting is delighted to have partnered with Manna Developments and Lake Torrent to provide extensive operational leadership and management coupled with the implementation of the commercial strategy for this exciting new motorsport venue.

Driven International Ltd is an advisory firm operating across the global sports and leisure sector, with particular expertise in motorsport venues.

Driven provide tailored services to property developers, governing bodies and existing venue operators to develop business plans, introduce commercial partners and provide design solutions on projects ranging from motor racing circuits, kart tracks, adventure and luxury sports developments.

For the Lake Torrent project, Driven are appointed as the race track designers and are also responsible for elements of the project marketing.